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Welcome to byVesta Agency, an innovative creative agency and production house known for creating staying power for brands, artists, and entrepreneurs through dynamic content and commerce.  We offer arts, media, and design resources through management, development, and consultation as a soundboard, insightful idea generation, and progressive solution strategy needed for businesses to succeed. 


If you have an idea in mind and would like us to help you bring it to life, please get in touch.

Our Flame of Thought

There is meaning behind every move we make, including our name, which represents the fiery passion at our core.   We are passion-driven, trained professionals with mindfulness and artistry incorporated in our approach. 

We recognize the burning desire and passion behind your work. 

We believe in you. 

We meet you where you are and work with you to reclaim autonomy. 

We connect with your purpose.

We are committed and devoted to working together to achieve your goals and propel you forward.

Heart &


We commit to creating a safe space for all we encounter.  We understand the devotion you give to your endeavors, and we will devote ourselves to producing a thriving environment with positive attitudes, welcoming hearts, and open minds.   

Welcome to our family.  

Connected Through Creativity

It's time to do something with your ideas.  We're here to help you make decisions that align with your goals and visions.  We are known for our integrity and ingenuity, and go the extra mile to see your platforms grow by helping you piece it all together.   


Not only will you feel a deeper connection with those who look to you as a resource, you will experience a deeper connection to yourself and your purpose.

Sustainability & Longevity

How are u showing up as a resource for people?  What does it all look like for you?  How can you achieve sustainability over stagnation?  We continually improve our own practices, approaches, efficiency, as well as stay ahead of current trends in order to best guide you through the stages of your endeavors.  


We encourage and teach a well-rounded approach for operational processes, opportunity-building and growth-oriented benefits.

You may not have the time,
but we do.

With an array of options from our creative services to business strategies and development consultations, we've got you covered for marketing, production, design, and promotional needs.

You've got options.

Understand each process.
your very best.

Strategy & Development Consultations

Need a soundboard?  Ongoing support?  Having trouble connecting all the dots?  New idea generation?  Someone to show you the ropes or build on the foundation you've already established?

Culture of We

We are connected by our

mission, vision, & values.

Womxn-Owned.  Don't let our sweet faces fool you, we get down to business, and love doing it with a smile.

Clients & Collaborations

Trust is at the basis of every healthy relationship. 

We are grateful for your trust in us.

Consulation, Business Development, Website Direction

Dianne Furphy

Owner and Founder of Kreate What U Want, LLC

Spiritual Self-Love Coach & Art Therapist

"I have had the pleasure of working with Daniela while she provided me guidance on opening my new business. Daniela was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in walking me through the steps of planning my business along with directing me through building and creating my website. Daniela is brilliant and filled with an exceptional amount of knowledge and resources who shows continuous expertise and passion in what she does! I highly recommend working with Daniela as she will help you build an empire of success!"

Experience byVesta


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Welcome to Inner Vesta, or I.V., is our media center featuring stories of expression, passion and process from creators.   

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